Speaking Engagements

To book Penelope for leading your retreat, women's day, church event, etc, please contact me with suggested dates and topics


Hotel de Chocolat - a day or weekend using chocolate as an illustration of God's extravagant grace. With authentic chocolate tasting included of course!

Face to Face - several sessions learning to draw into God's transforming presence through contemplation and prayer using the stories and characters of Scripture, in Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer

The Five "One Things" - five talks (on peace, priorities, possessions, personal witness, and pressing on)  based on the verses in scripture that point to the "one thing"

Women By Design - based on Penelope’s first book, four  talks on learning to be a woman of God’s design

Love Beyond Measure - three talks on God's love for us and our response to Him (testimonies from selected participants of God's Love in their lives makes an ideal fourth session)

The Fellowship Of the Mat - a single talk on building a community of Grace

Raggedy Ann - a single talk on God's love for us even when we feel like rag dolls

Who wants to look like Barbie anyway? - physical self-esteem seminar

Extreme Makeover: God's Inside Out Edition - four sessions for a weekend retreat or day conference on physical self esteem and God's love and plans for us 

It feels as if I'm married to the church! - a talk for those married to men who are in full time ministry : thriving rather than surviving in the ministry


Day or weekend retreats, with Penelope as guide and Spiritual Director, enabling individuals and/or groups to learn to make a Retreat and to be led into time away with God. Topics and themes may be suggested.




PRaying for Penelope




PLEASE pray for this next season of ministry!  It may be called retirement, but I'm thinking of it more as 're-tyre-ment' and simply the next stage of the adventure of following where the Lord leads and calls. 

- give thanks for past blessings and the privilege of serving 

- pray for strength and health and continued enabling

- pray for new opportunities and adventures to be In His Service

- pray for A Scent of Water as it goes public on this website, to be a help to those who are grieving.