A not-so-quiet Quiet Day

MbD planned a Quiet Day with a difference - for Easter Monday, April 1st.  Not an April Fool's Joke; more a vision of a spring-like day, people coming to spend some time joining in the Easter meditations, and then spending a few hours thinking, praying, helping out around the house and grounds. But we hadn't reckoned on the weather. Nor, that of the 14 who said they would come, most had to drop out, all for very good reasons. And when the forecast continued to promise temperatures of maybe as high as 3C with a windchill factor taking it lower, the day was cancelled.

Except that 2 stalwart friends and their (grown up) son said they would come anyway and help out for a bit and then we could all warm up with a pub lunch at half time; only the son didn't want any of the "retreat thingy" bit.

So the retreat thingy bit was put on hold - maybe for Easter next year, for it was all planned. And they and we donned our thickest warmest work gear and set out.  I chose the polytunnel - well, it's marginally warmer than the raw outdoors; and I am longing to get planting so that we have seedlings to transplant to the rest of the wilderness soon.

And as I worked, alongside a friend at first, and then alone, there was that companionable silence when there was prayer and thought and decisions. God didn't speak as such; but He felt nearer than sometimes. Experiencing God in a polytunnel is a new experience for me. But one I am already longing to repeat. I have been in again today, sensing  that it is, for me, a special place. One of those thin places.

It feels close to many of the illustrations used by Jesus. A sower went out to sow. A man planted a vineyard. (Our vine was pruned ...) A man had a field. 

Much was accomplished. Here are some before and after shots.

Tunnel before

Tunnel after



Above: found the chesse making trough, being reused/recycled at the far end

my pots

 Below: starting on the outside double privy

Liz and Matt


Double view!

loo before

loo after

loo lock

Above: beautiful carved wooden lock - for your privacy in the  privy !

Below: fresh air circulates into the privy

privy window


That was Monday. Today, Wednesday, the sun returned. I stood in the orchard, giving thanks for all that has been. for all that will be, at Mays Farm.

Tea in the orchard, anyone? In July or August? See below for how you could come and enjoy that as our guests.

tea in the orchard

Don't forget that you could come on one of the Preview (free) Retreats this summer - there are still one or two places still available, and details are HERE.  But do ask soon for your invite -  we have been amazed at the response and how many people want to come!  So ask for details and an application form and come on Retreat at this very special place!