Myers-Briggs.  You either love it or hate it!  Or the Enneagram; or Florence Littauer; or any other personality plus or temperament type. This was circulating on SM the other day: did you find yourself?

So often we are told how to pray - or even when to pray - and it seems that 'one size fits all.'  For years and years, I knew that I had to have a 'Quiet Time' every morning - half an hour set aside first thing, to read my Bible (using the prescribed daily notes) and pray. It was a good routine and an excellent habit.  It suits many people. The days I did that and could tick it off my 'to do' list were good ones. Time with God - check. Now I can get on with the rest of the day.

But it set me up for failure; for guilt and more guilt as I failed day after day. I got behind and then had so many days to catch up it hardly seemed worth it. The questions in the Notes did not seem to elicit the 'right' answers from me.  I would start again - on January 1st; on a Monday; my birthday, the first of the month. Sometimes it worked and I carried on. Sometimes it did not.

Now I can tell you that there are so many other ways to pray, to read the Bible, to connect with God. No longer do I tick the Quiet Time off my to do list and move on. Instead,  I want to practice the Presence of God throughout the day.

Over the past weeks we've looked at a thirty second retreat, a one minute retreat, a day retreat, even a 10 day silent retreat.

For those who are quieter introverts, happy  with their own company, a retreat can work very well.

But what if you are a madly extroverted extrovert? How would you best spend time in prayer? What helps you connect most with the Lord?

I would love to hear from different personalities!

What's your personality? And what's most helpful for you in spending time with God? Where do you connect best? What sort of retreats (if any) do you find most helpful? What suggestions can you make for those with your personality/temperament type?