DAY FOUR of week one

I am writing a daily blog on preparing spiritually and physically to lead a Pilgrimage of 100 miles in September.

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I stepped on the scales this morning.

And quickly stepped off again – the readout was wrong.

Tried again.


As in, nothing has changed.

But that can’t be right!  I’ve had no sugar (except in apples) no cakesnobiscuitsnosnacksnoindulgence.


(Well, apart from those two glasses of mulled wine I admitted to in an earlier blog.)


I’ve walked. Miles. Even the pedometer agrees.

Climbed up and down the escalators – 12 of them on that one journey to and from the centre of town.

Had two exhausting sessions on the powerplates.

Been very, very careful.


And nothing has changed. Not an ounce has been lost, after all these days of trying.


* * * *

Oh, wait.  Today is Thursday.

That’s only three whole days actually.


I thought I would have dropped a whole dress size by now.  At least.

For I am impatient.

I like quick results.

Yes, I know that weight stays off if you lose it slowly and steadily. I know it takes weeks, not days, to regain fitness and strength and tone-ness and be able to walk not just a marathon but a whole 100 miles.

But I want it NOW. I’m not sure I’m up for the long haul.


* * * *

If I’m honest, it’s the same in my spiritual life.

I want it all.  NOW.

All the spiritual gifts.

All the blessings.

All the transformed character and holiness and Christ-like-ness.

And God says gently,


It takes a lifetime.

A lifetime of being honed and tested and shaped and polished.

Of being blessed and being a blessing.

A lifetime of allowing Me to change you into the person I mean you to be.


* * * *

Gradually, day by day, continually, becoming more and more like Him.

Oh that I longed to be transformed into His likeness as much as I long to be transformed physically.

To be radiant with His likeness, looking to Him, allowing Him to change me.


God - grant me patience.

Please enter my life in all your power and make me more like You.

* * * *


“Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him.”

2 Corintians 3:18 (The Message)