Last chance to book a Preview (ie free!) Retreat ...


There are only a VERY FEW places left for the Preview  (ie FREE !) Retreats  at The Vine this summer. So if you would like to apply to be considered, please contact Ministries by Design very very soon!

  •  Guided Silent Retreat              July 22 - 26                    ONE space still available
  •  Guided Walking Retreat         July 29 – Aug 2            THREE spaces still available   
  •  Guided Silent Retreat             Aug 12 - 16                       fully booked
  •  Guided Walking Retreat        Aug 19 - 23                     fully booked
  • INDIVIDUAL RETREATS:    Weekend of July 19 - 21: ONE room still available.                                                               Mid week of August 5 - 9: fully booked

We have been amazed at the response already, and are praying for the “right” people at the right time. The House will not be quite finished, and the work available will be things such as painting and decorating, gardening, tidying, finishing … and praying! These are all PREVIEW – the House will not be fully finished! So there is no charge, but help around the House should be offered in exchange for full board & lodging & retreat.

A WALKING RETREATget fit spiritually AND physically! Arrive on a Monday afternoon, settle in with a cup of tea. First session, then supper. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, after a buffet breakfast, Penelope will lead you on one of several local walks, each of about 6 miles, with opportunities for spiritual reflections and meditations as we walk. Return for lunch and spend the afternoons as you wish to make the most of this time - praying, sitting in the chapel, journalling, sleeping; and helping out manually for a couple of hours. There will be a short session each day before Supper, which will be followed by compline and early nights. Final session on Friday morning, and leave after a light lunch. Maximum of 10 people, in en-suite twin bedded rooms.

A GUIDED SILENT RETREAT - to concentrate on your relationship with God. Arrive on a Monday afternoon, settle in, enjoy tea. First session, then supper, compline and early bed, after which we will move into silence. Breakfast will be served in your room to allow time to rest, reflect, be renewed. Each day there will be individual time with a Spiritual Director, and there will be guidance if required as to how to get the most from this time. There will be opportunity to help manually around the Centre for a couple of hours each day. Meals will be taken in communal silence or you may take your meal to your room if you wish. Leave after a final time with your Director on Friday morning followed by a light lunch if required. Maximum of 5 people, in private en-suite rooms.

PREVIEW INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE RETREAT We are also offering space for you to come on your own private retreat, again Preview A minimum of 2 nights. Maximum of 5 people at any one time, in private en-suite rooms. Spiritual Direction available if required. AVAILABLE: July 18 – 21 August 5 - 9

SMALL GROUPS WEEKENDS:  Bring your small group any weekend Friday night – Sunday afternoon, Preview (free) but help out around the house too.

FROM SEPTEMBER 1st, the House will be fully open 

INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE RETREATS (Paying) The House will be open and fully operating from September 2 for private retreats or group visits. Dates for Walking Retreats and Guided Silent Retreats will be posted very soon!

Italy Pilgrimage on the Via Francigena, Tuscany: September 7 – 14  now fully booked, but there is a waiting list available

If you have any queries and/or would like more information and an application form, please email

Leave a mark - and win a free Retreat!

Time capsules. Weird or wonderful? Worth doing or will they rot  - or be unintelligible in decades to come? We are thinking of burying one beneath the floorboards. And as the floor boards are about to be refurbished and relaid, it's time to think of what might be encapsulated.

various rooms as they are at the moment! 

Photos of how it was before we started? they might fade.

A Memory stick? it might be unreadable or uncomprehensible.

So what would you put into our time capsule - what legacy might we leave to be discovered in another 100 years or so? Things that would show future generations that this is a special place, of spiritual sanctuary for those in need of space and solace, of finding time for God again, for rest and renewal and refreshment? 

Scripture verses? Maybe a Bible? Descriptions of the Retreats?

Have a think and leave a comment!

And while you are thinking, think too about our Preview (free!) Retreats for this summer - we have had an amazingly high number of enquiries and application forms are coming thick and fast so if you want to apply, send yours in very soon! Here are the details in case you missed them: an invite to join us as our guests.

The Vine @ Mays Farm will be opening September 2013. We want our Time Capsule filled and buried next week though - so jot down your suggestions and we will let you know what we choose, and post some photos!

And, the best suggestion will win a FREE NIGHT OF RETREAT, to be taken during September this year, as one of our first retreatants! (Entries will be judged by the Ministries by Design Board of Trustees and staff) Competition closes on April 2nd 2013.

We'd love that you be YOU - so get creative and think of what to put in the Mays Farm Time Capsule!