Look what we've found! And lost. And heard.

It's been a few days of losing and finding. Kim lost a large amount of cash he'd just been given by someone who owed it to him - he tucked it in his pocket but never saw it again and although we searched and searched it has not been seen again. He was at Mays Farm, working on the house as usual, and we all looked, and again the next morning, in the rain. So I prayed that whoever has found it will have been blessed by it, and that it would be someone who needs it more than we do. And if not, that they would be convicted. It's a painful amount from our tight budget! But God knows. And God provides.

doorway and wallpaper

For it's been a week of finding too!

Kim has been stripping wallpaper from the walls of a little room which is planned as a bathroom for the bed room next to it. A doorway has to be made through an old wall in order to make it ensuite.

Underneath the unattractive old anaglyptic  wallpaper was the most beautiful old vintage paper - sadly probably not in good enough state to preserve although we will try to have at least a little of it showing somewhere somehow.




He worked on round - and - could it be?

A DOORWAY. In the very place we need a doorway! Already there, but covered up, and now shown to be a rather splendid old carved doorway. No need for the cost of knocking through and creating.

Into his head popped some words:

"I have placed before you an open door that no-one can shut!" (Rev 3:8)

And it seems like God's Word to us for this time.

But  God has a sense of humour:

the next words go on : 'I know that you have little strength ..."


another old fireplace!

After unveiling the door, Kim went through it to begin pulling off more anaglyptic in the bedroom.

And found a hint .. a corner ..part of a beam ..

So of course he had to rip and pull - and found –

another amazing fireplace.

Bricked up and covered and just crying out for the sledge hammer and crowbar.


He now has little strength left.

But a beautiful carved fireplace has been exposed.

carved fireplace


fireplace detail

It speaks to us of how 'unstrong' we are - this whole project, this whole ministry, will not happen if it's down to us. We have no strength.

But God.

But God can open the door for us.

And it seems He is.

Already the Preview (ie free for guinea pigs) Retreats are getting application forms  - if you'd like to come, read about them here, and ask for an application form soon!

And the Pilgrimage on the Via Francigena is now fully booked -  so make sure you book for next year if you would like to come with us!

The Not-So-Quiet Day on April 1st has some lovely people coming - might you come too and see what the Lord might want to say to you as we reflect and then work? Come and see the vintage wallpaper and the door that no-one can shut when the Lord has opened it!

It's been a few days of losing and finding.

And hearing God confirm again His calling.