Prayer changes things. Or so I always thought.

"How is the house?" Friends are kind to ask. " Is it yours yet?"

Well, no. No yet. We can't believe how long it takes to buy a house. Or sell a flat.

Or is it just us? Even our broker is amazed - and has lodged a formal complaint with whoever-it-is. And I chastise myself: I haven't prayed enough. I haven't offered the whole project up to the Lord every moment of every day of every week. I rather thought I had done that. And I'd moved on. My mind is busy with what will happen once the project is up and running. Thinking and praying about the Retreats and the Retreatants, about how I want to spoil them with breakfast in bed, plenty of time and space to connect with God, beautiful unexpected corners  inside the house and out. Who might come? Whoever they may be, Lord will you bless them.  Bless the house and bless the farm and bless the village. Make The Vine a blessing to all those who hear of it, come to it, retreat at it.

But in the meantime, it still isn't ours. We have yet to exchange a contract, in spite of the numerous pieces of paper which have been pushed at me to sign. In spite of the wonderful plans the architect has sent off to the Planning Office. In spite of the Aga sitting waiting to go into the fabulous kitchen which has been designed for me. And in spite of the fact that we leave St James in just 43 days. (I know, because I always have a count down to Christmas Day on my laptop. I love Christmas.)

And so I am thrown back on to God's mercy and grace. We can't make this happen at the right time.

But He can. And He knows the right timing. Can I trust him to do this at the right time?

I know I should pray and then leave it in God's hands - I've done that already for this place. and I know that prayer changes things. Or so I always thought. But now a new idea occurs to me - seeps into my mind, maybe gently prompted by the Holy Spirit. Look at 1 Peter 5.  That verse. The one about casting all your cares on to Him. So I look it up, remind myself afresh. And see what comes before that phrase.

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5:6-7. (NLT)

Humble yourself under the mighty power of God. At the right time. And then it will be for HIS honour.

And the image in my mind is of casting, throwing, laying out. Myself on the floor in front of the Throne of Grace. My worries at His feet. I have been  reminded that my worrying and my anxiety and my frustrations help no one, not me and not this project. Only God. Only God can do it at the right time. He's already poured out blessing upon blessing upon brokenness. He's shown that He can make things happen.

Might you too join us in praying for this project, in the spirit of 1 Peter 5:6-7? It would be a blessing for us and I think for you too. Thank you.


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