A God-given, God-inspired, God-led shape

Preparing for Pilgrimage: WEEK ONE


I’ve been in the States for just over a month – mostly holiday but some work.  And I have done very little exercise. I’ve walked a bit, often on the beach. Carried the three year old grandchildren on my back (not both at the same time I hasten to add)  bounced the littlest grandchild on my lap thus developing the arm muscles (he’s a hefty little chap) bent to load and unload the dishwasher countless times – does that count as ab work?

A month off from the gym though; and from hills – the South Carolina coast is not named The Low Country for no apparent reason.

And I have eaten to my heart’s content: made blueberry pancakes for breakfast (one cup of mixture to one cup of water) baked oatmeal and raisin cookies with the older grandchildren (add one egg and one stick of butter) consumed crabcakes and apple pie and icecream … wine in the evenings and coffee with 'half and half' in the mornings …

Four months, or sixeen weeks, tomorrow, I shall be leading the Cotswold Pilgrimage.  One hundred miles of walking, over just six days, on the steep Cotswold Escarpment, from Chipping Campden to Bath Abbey.  And not just physical leading; the spiritual leading comes too – daily prayers and meditations as we walk, talks each evening. Twelve American or British women depending on me not to lead them off track.

I need to prepare, to be ready, to be in good shape.  I’m in good shape – for the shape I’m in.

But there is, must be, can be, a better shape.

A God-given, God-inspired, God-led shape.

So I began this morning. And decided to write a daily blog on my progress – so that you can keep me accountable!  Keep me accountable physically and spiritually, as I take time with the Lord, walk up and down our hilly road, cut down on the caffeine and sugar and alcohol.  Lose eight pounds and tone up.

Keep me accountable as I pray and read and walk and write.

Might you join me in over the next 16 weeks?  It’s quite a challenge so let me know your thoughts and comments and helpful suggestions as we go along this road together!

Oh, this morning so far: only one cup of coffee, lots of water, an instructor-led half an hour on the power plates at the gym, and a quick jog down and then back up the steep hill on which we live.

Still to do? Another 8,000 steps minimum, daily Bible reading (Guthrie’s Reading God’s Story, a year’s reading through the Bible in chronological order) and more water and more protein.

Here goes; will you join me?