A Taste of Grace. Just for you.


And through it all - the theme of grace. God's extravagant grace, extended to us through the cross of Christ, into our everyday situations. The Psalmist urged us to "Taste and see that the Lord is good," so we did. And He is. 


It far exceeded my expectations

"A special weekend"   "A lovely peaceful and blessed weekend. A wake-up call to both being aware of and receiving God's grace. Thank you!"


Bring your women’s small group or your women in leadership

Take time to slow down and taste the ‘chocolate’ of God’s grace – it will bring a smile to your face and joy to your soul as you are enrobed (sorry!) by God’s love and grace

This retreat can be tailor made to your group

and can be held on dates to suit you  

Hotel de Chocolate Weekend Retreat

We are chocolated-out, we who came on the Hotel de Chocolate retreat! There were chocolate desserts. There was cocoa powder in the beef. Chocolate shower gels and body lotions. Chocolate brownies at tea time. And a glorious lingering heavenly chocolate tasting session with chocolate notes on things such as aroma, waxing and plant transference.

At one stage there was even chocolate syrup on our hands ...

There was breakfast in bed. Time for reading (dozing) in front of a roaring log fire. Aromatherapy scented hot towels. And one brave person went jogging in the rain to burn off some calories. That rain precluded enjoying hot chocolate around the fire pit in the evening; but someone else had brought a bottle of prosecco to share so we had that instead indoors!






  •  two nights in a glorious 17thC house
  •  up to 10 people in twin rooms (all with private bathrooms) with all meals & snacks provided
  • 5 devotional sessions on God's extravagant  grace 
  • journal for each participant
  • all you do is turn up and everything is done for you! A weekend (or midweek) to taste and see that the Lord is good. You will go home full of grace and chocolate!


Just £195 per person (single occupancy) or £165 (sharing a twin room). Minimum of 5 people.



This might cheer you up on a wet Monday morning ...

It's wet and grey and cold. Half term is over and gone; it's a long time time to your next little holiday. November is upon you and there's so much to do and organise before December 25th. So might you need a break?  Or even the thought of one booked in? Some time and space to BE. Even just for 24 or 48 hours ....

Spending the morning tucked up in bed with your breakfast brought to you, and time to read, pray, doze ....

Taking a short brisk walk across rolling countryside to clear your mind and breath deep in fresh air ....

Curling up by a roaring wood burning stove, reading, thinking, BEing ....

Ending the day with a candlelit prayer time in an ancient chapel ....

Sleeping in a large comfy bed ....

*  *  *  *

Or maybe you are in need of something more - well, proactive.  Long walks, good company, plenty of devotional input to help you reconnect with God ...

Or writing. Time and space and quiet to get those words out and through your fingers, on to the page. Not having to stop to cook or shop or work at something else, but a weekend to write knowing that others are doing the same nearby and will want to talk to you over supper about all those words ....

Or some weeding, maybe; feeling the soft damp earth crumble in your fingers, thinking of the things of the Lord as you tend the plants  ...

*  *  *  * 

And if none of the above are quite what you feel you need - there's always chocolate.

Chocolate as a reminder of the good things that God gives.  Of His extravagant grace.

Chocolate that  has to be tasted, experienced, enjoyed.

You know you love it. You know it's the answer no matter what the question. God's extravagant grace, that is.

A whole weekend to relish that grace - and the chocolate. What could be more fun than that - and to look forward to spending a dull February weekend having a blast as you go deeper into experiencing that extravagant grace.

Hotel de Chocolate indeed.

*  *  *  *

So, as you view the prospect of a November week of wind and rain, a long to-do list, people needing you, not enough time to BE - maybe you need to book yourself in to The Vine at Mays Farm and come and be pampered as you take the time to reconnect with the Lord, be refreshed, remember to remain in the Vine (John 15:4)

The new programme for January to March is available here.

What are you waiting for? Book in - you know you need it!

*  *  *  *

And if you can't wait that long ...



If you need time to think about putting Christ back into Christmas, there are still a few places available on the Advent Away Day.   Saturday December 14th. Full details if you click here




*  *  *  *

Which retreat do YOU need to have lined up, to cheer this week's rush and weather?

Where might YOU find the Lord again?

When do YOU need to come?