The First Retreat ... and more photos

They came. And almost unbelievably they stayed. Mays Farm is still a building site and the outside is a mess.

The inside is not much better.

But four guinea pigs - sorry, wonderful retreatants, came and stayed. They glamped; slept on mattresses on the floor. Put up with windows which not only had no curtains but often had no glass; one even has no window. Ate in the garden for there is no table yet in the house. And they smiled and remained pleasant. They had time to be, rest in the hammock, read, pray, relax. They also helped, mostly in the garden, or helping unpack kitchen boxes. We had compline by moonlight, lectio divina in sunlight. The water flooded and was turned off. And on. And off.

A weekend of Preview Retreat. Now they are gone. Tomorrow, four more arrive this time for a guided silent retreat.

I pray that each woman goes away saying, "Surely the Lord is in this place" (Gen 28:16) because they have met with him in some way in this place of sanctuary.











Another month of preview retreats and the house will be very very nearly ready.

Make sure you book your retreat for the autumn - details on the Retreat page






God is in bubbles and hugs

Living without a dishwasher. Bent over the sink, washing mug after mug, plate after plate. Although only for two. Hot water, creamy bubbles, favourite china.

And an empty mind. For five minutes, nothing.  And finding that there is something strangely peaceful and restorative in this ancient womanly tradition.

Five minutes of peace and quiet, solitude and surrender. Five minutes of Matt Redman in the background.

Five minutes which I need to spend at the sink, but  turns into the gift of five minutes with the Lord.  No longer mindless, more simply aware that HE is here, His Presence is beside me, in this little old kitchen at the Bolt Hole.

Practising the Presence in a time tested way. Loving the washing up in a totally different way for it is the doorway to a very special moment of the day. His arms around me. A hug if I did but recognise it.

Surely the Lord is in this place and  I knew it not. (Genesis 28:16)



Grateful, recognisant, relaxed, aware. All washed up and ready to step on again.

After a five minute retreat.


Where have you found the Presence of God in unexpected places?

Where do you hear His voice most?