How to learn one thing about blogging

I am writing a daily blog (Monday to Friday)  on preparing spiritually and physically

to lead a Pilgrimage of 100 miles in September.

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How are your blogging skills?

Have you thought about writing a blog?

Last September, as part of my Happiness Project ( I decided to learn to blog and tweet.

According to Livehappier, “When we stop learning we stop living. Most people are happier when they learn new things” ( and I needed more happiness. So I began to engage more with social media.

I did it my way. Learned a little from family and friends. Picked up hints and tips from people I met. Copied what others did.

And to a certain extent, it works.

Then yesterday I decided to take a day to read and research about blogging. It’s never ending – there is a lot of information available out there to help you on your way.

But what was most noticeable was the reaction to my blog posting yesterday morning.  I asked for comments and suggestions and help in my day’s project.  And people have been very kind and very helpful.

One friend, Anita, whom I met through social media and had lunch with last week,  has even written a whole blog post to help me.

The best thing I have discovered about social media is the sense of community, the relationships, the help and the generosity.

Whether it’s meeting with people (and I’ve met a number of twitter friends face to face, both in the UK and the USA, over the past three months - what joy!)

or downloading freebies

or even a free webinar tonight (

there is a spirit of reaching out and being generous that I have not really experienced anywhere else.

Not even in church.

* * * *

So I’m glad that I blogged my resources for retreats because I want to help people to be able to spend deeper time with the Lord.

ideas for a 24 hour retreat

thoughts on a 10 day silent retreat

special places to go for a Retreat

A one minute retreat anywhere anytime


And today I want to urge you to do one or more of those - 

To spend some time alone with God.

To BE in His Presence.

Even if it’s just a minute.


It’s my gift to you.

* * * *

And I want to learn this lesson.

To give.

Not expecting anything in return.

Just because it is more blessed to give than to receive.

* * * *


Thank you for what you are giving me.

I hope I can give a little in return.