I think you and I may have a rather worrying disease.  Dis-ease with some alarming symptoms.  I read first about them in The Times last week; then there was more this weekend.

The tell tale signs:  how many do you have?

 Too much to do, too little time in which to do it.  Never ‘off duty,’ never allowing our minds to switch off even for a moment. When was the last time you were waiting at a red light and simply allowed your mind to wander or to look at the sky? Instead, you check your emails or voice messages, fearful of missing something important.  Dr. Libby Weaver, an Australian nutritional biochemist, writes, “Never before in my work have I seen women in such a mad rush to do everything and be everything to all people. There is a crisis facing women’s health, there is no leisure time, sleep is compromised more and more. Women feel responsible for everything and everyone, 24/7.” (quoted in The Times)

 The results have been seen her at The Vine at Mays Farm, too.

- The Vicar who stayed in bed and slept for 24 hours because she was so exhausted and burned out.

- The women who are unable to slow down for the first 24 hours because they are so used to rushing everywhere all the time.

- Just this last week, the woman who said she had no idea to how to fill a day on retreat – she was so used to a full diary and a busy schedule and did not know where to begin when faced with a few hours to BE.

We are suffering from what is being called Rushing Woman Syndrome. We survive on caffeine and alcohol; on surprisingly and worryingly little sleep; we drop things, trip over things – or over nothing at all; our stomachs are bloated and our heads are in a spin. There are so many apps on our phones because we cannot afford (or bear) to be out of contact with anything from our kids to our grocery shopping. And generally speaking we are still doing the vast part of the child care, house care and home care,  and yet doing the jobs our fathers did.  Some of us literally. (yes, my father was also an Anglican priest)

So we are tired, which makes us angry and stressed and gives us high levels of adrenaline, which in turn is fuelled even more by caffeine and alcohol. Pass the gin.

But there IS another way.  When our technology flashes up “no more capacity,” it probably means us as well. And so we need to stop and switch off the stress.

Literally.  Dr Libby Weaver recommends lifestyle changes and revisions. 

-       more sleep and less caffeine

-       more whole foods and less convenience packages

-       more mindfulness and meditation and less rushing

-       more gratitude and more learning to say ‘no’ sometimes

 Switch off the stress.

Where to begin?

Calm me, O Lord, as You still the storm. Still me, O Lord, keep me from harm. Let all the tumult within me cease.  Enfold me, Lord, in Your peace.

Father, bless the work that is done and the work that is to be.

Father, bless the servant that I am and the servant that I will be….

The peace of God be over me to shelter me,

Under me to uphold me,

About me to protect me,

Behind me to direct me,

Ever with me to save me.

The peace of all peace be mine this night

in the name of the Father,and of the Son,and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 - Felgild Compline – taken from Celtic Daily Prayer

 And so, because many women need this and many women have asked for it, a new 2 night Get-A-Way is happening to jumpstart you on switching off the stress.








The retreat will include

-mini spa treats 

-spiritual reflections, mindfulness and gratitude times

-plenty of time to rest and be refreshed 

- a take-home goody bag (with treats for body AND soul of course!) 

-Breakfast in bed 

-choice of healthy menu options 

- Swiss formulated products for the body

- candlelit chapel meditation times 

Just £195 full board (sharing a twin room)  including all meals, all spa products, and a take-home goody bag.

Arrive from 4pm on day one, depart after brunch 

by 12 noon on day three.


 Weekend:    JUNE 12-14 2015                 Midweek:    JUNE  8 - 10 2015

only 10 places available on either retreat

  so book now to reserve yours! 

Why not bring your friends and/or your small group and enjoy this special time together

If 8 - 10 of you come together, other dates are available to suit you 

To book:

Phone-  01666 838332

Email –

For full details of this and other retreats, and of the facilities at

The Vine at Mays Farm, click here