Dr Alistair Hanna

On my mind right now is a very special funeral happening this afternoon in St Bart's Fifth Avenue NYC, where I did my placement from seminary many years ago.

The family and friends of Dr. Alistair Hanna will be gathering to honour and remember him and give great thanks to God for his life and ministry. Among them, many Alpha friends of course, not least my husband (Kim & I have led many many Alpha conferences hosted by Ali in the 1990s) and my daughter Victoria, whose second morning of her gap year working with Ali at Alpha HQ at Trinity, Wall Street was 9/11 - Ali led her and the team to safety through all that mayhem.

He was a very special man. We give thanks to God for the privilege of having known him. Our prayers for Nancy Hanna and for David Hanna and families at this time.

Jesus promised that when we die we go to be with him. He also promised to be with us always. So our loved ones are with him and he is with us. Together in him.