One tip to make a difference to your day

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to lead a Pilgrimage of 100 miles in September.

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What can you do that could make a vast difference to you today?


It could well be this 30 second retreat suggested by

Jim Kochenburger  yesterday on Facebook:

Stop. Breathe. Thank God for two things... (Phil 4:6)

Did you see it yesterday and do it? It seems such a small amount of time– smaller even than the one minute retreat.

Can it really make such a difference?


So I stopped.

Took a deep breath.

And gave God thanks for two things.


It did make a difference and I am glad that I did it. But it also felt a little paltry. Just 30 seconds, God, that’s all I can spare right now.

Maybe the minute felt like that for you - almost rudely short. But then I thought about one of my little granddaughters, running up to me, throwing her arms around me (or more precisely, my legs) giving me a hug and running off again.

Precious.      Brief.      Heartfelt.

Something I love and which means so much to me.  And to the Heart of the Father - a quick looking to Him, a moment of love and gratitude to Him.

It touches the heart of the loved one so very deeply.


You may not be able to go on a Pilgrimage. Nor even go away on a 24 hour retreat.

But anyone can stop, anywhere, and give God thanks for 30 seconds.


Have you done it now?

Try it and see what happens.


And then let me know what you think.

Was it helpful? How did it feel?


Who else might you suggest it to?