My last blog posting

 I am writing a daily lost on preparing spiritually and physically

to lead a Pilgrimage of 100 miles in September.

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I celebrated Communion at 8am this morning.

That meant I read out the Ten Commandments in full.

As ever, I found myself thinking of what might be some of the modern equivalents we should or should not be doing - neither our man servant nor our maid servant, our ox or our ass....

and was again convicted about not working on the sabbath day.

Now I know this is not strictly speaking the Sabbath - that was a Saturday, from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.

Twenty four hours to rest and keep holy  - six days shalt thou labour and do thou all that thou hast to do, but the seventh is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God. In it thou shalt do no work.

I am quoting from memory but that seems the gist of it.

Resting from all that one has to do - just as God Himself did after the six days of all HE had to do.

So, I don't NEED to be writing and blogging today; that's what I do during the other six days.

But today.

Today I can rest and rejoice and relax into God.

My chief end is after all  to glorify God  and enjoy Him forever.

So I shall.  This is my last post.

The last post on a Sunday .

Six days I shall do all that I have to do.

And the seventh is for something else entirely.